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[Picture: Karaoke Charlie Singing Zuit Suit Riot]

Karaoke Charlie is a well-respected Baltimore area businessman and has been singing for basically all of his life. Karaoke Charlie, a baritone, was a member of the Maryland State Chorus for several years and later studied at the Peabody Institute in Baltimore on a vocal music scholarship. Charlie even participated briefly with the Baltimore Symphony Chorus, however business matters prevented him from staying there for any significant length of time.

Despite running a number of different businesses and having a diverse set of interests, Karaoke Charlie never lost his love of music. While Charlie had always continued to let both instrumental and vocal music be a part of his life, he had his first brush with karaoke in 1995 in a popular neighborhood pub. When he went looking for a favorite song and the local pub didn't have it, Karaoke Charlie was born. In his quest to find the song he ended up not only buying it but also amassing a large collection of his own immediately! Armed with his new collection, some serious equipment, and a life long love of music, Karaoke Charlie hit the scene and became one of the most popular KJ's in the Baltimore Area. Not satisfied to let his collection be stagnant, Karaoke Charlie continued to grow his collection and committed himself to creating the largest collection available in any KJ show.

In 1999, the Baltimore Sun proclaimed Karaoke Charlie to be the
"King of Karaoke"!

Today Karaoke Charlie has a number of equipment setups running multiple shows and has a collection of over 40,000 selections between his Karaoke collection and DJ music!

...and the collection continues to grow...


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