Song Lists

For your convenience we have produced an on-line version of one of our song catalogs in Adobe Acrobat PDF format to give a feel for just how much we really have to offer. Additionally, if you plan to patronize one of our many weekly shows now can save time by noting down songs in advance that you might want to request once you arrive at the show.

Remember, we have over 40,000 selections to choose from in our entire collection of Karaoke and DJ music so the catalog you see here is only a portion of what we have available!

To search through our catalogs simply click on the link to the particular catalog you want to search through. After it loads, click on the find icon (the binoculars) that appears directly above the document. A search box will appear in which you can type what your looking for.

For best results get the latest version of
Adobe(R) Acrobat(R) Reader. (It's Free!)
[Download Acrobat Reader]

Note: 150KB should take about 22 seconds to download on a 56K Modem
or 43 seconds on a 28.8K Modem.

 Catalog - Single Download (High Speed Connection) 
 Karaoke Charlie Catalog Listed by Title 2,736KB [PDF]
 Selective Download Listed by Song Title 
 #1 Crush - Any Way at All 151KB [PDF]
 Anyway That You Want Me - Break My Stride 150KB [PDF]
 Break on Through - Crash Into Me 149KB [PDF]
 Crash Into Me - Drivin My Life Away 150KB [PDF]
 Drivin My Life Away - Get on Your Feet 149KB [PDF]
 Get Out of This House - Here in My Heart 151KB [PDF]
 Here in the Real World - I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight 151KB [PDF]
 I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight - If I Lost You 153KB [PDF]
 If I Lost You - Keep Your Hands to Yourself 152KB [PDF]
 Hands to Yourself - Love is a Many Splendored Thing 150KB [PDF]
 Many Splendored Thing - My First, Last, One, and Only 149KB [PDF]
 My Foolish Heart - One Sweet Day 150KB [PDF]
 One Sweet Day - Ripples 150KB [PDF]
 River Deep, Mountain High - Sing, Sing, Sing 150KB [PDF]
 Singin' In the Rain - Swwet Home Chicago 150KB [PDF]
 Sweet Hour of Prayer - The Prayer 152KB [PDF]
 The Prayer - True 152KB [PDF]
 True - When I Grow Up 151KB [PDF]
 When I Look Into Your Eyes - You Don't Know Me 152KB [PDF]
 You Don't Know Me - Zorba the Greek 76KB [PDF]
 Selections Recently Added to Collection 
 New Releases and Selection Additions 38KB [PDF]


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